Dental Crowns and Bridges

High-Quality Dental Restorations in Morrisville, NC

Dental Restorations, Crowns and Bridges, in Morrisville, NC - Optimum DentalCrowns are some of the most common dental restorations. When you have a tooth that has cracked, suffered too much decay, or otherwise lost its integrity, a crown is an excellent way of restoring and preserving that tooth. A crown surrounds the entire visible area of your tooth. So, not only will a crown from Dr. Hoang protect and reinforce your tooth, but it will also provide your tooth with an attractive appearance.

Dental Bridges

Bridges are a popular solution for patients who are missing only a tooth or two. In these situations, dentures may not make sense. Instead, a bridge provides an artificial tooth fixed in place permanently. A bridge is held in position by crowns on adjacent teeth, providing the stability you need for chewing and speaking.

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