Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Treatment in Morrisville, NC

Root Canal Treatment in Morrisville, NC - Optimum DentalWhen you have a tooth suffering from a severe infection, it might not be necessary to have the tooth extracted, or pulled. Rather, Dr. Hoang may be able to preserve your tooth and halt the infection with root canal treatment at Optimum Dental.

A root canal may sound painful, but our team is always certain to use adequate anesthetic to keep you comfortable. Dr. Hoang will clean out your infected tooth and add a crown for future protection and an attractive appearance.

Leaving an infected tooth untreated is always a bad idea. The infection can migrate, threatening other areas of your mouth and endangering your health. Call us at (919) 890-0789 right away if you’re experiencing a toothache, oral bleeding, pus, abscess, or swelling so that we can help with same-day treatment.