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This was one of the best dental offices I ever been to in my 71 years. All staff was very personable and knowledgeable about the service that I needed. I look forward to having them for my new dentist now that I just moved here! Totally awesome from walking in the door til walking out. They were also willing to work with me on my financial plan since I am on a limited income and 71yo! - Janie
Such a great experience!! I was extremely impressed with my visit at Optimum Dental. I had some dental works in the past and really hate going to the Dentist. But I feel very comfortable at Optimum Dental. Amy welcomes me with a warm smile and kind greeting. They cleaned my teeth gently but efficiently. Jennifer is a very helpful. This place is very clean and absolutely love Dr Hoang - Linh
The staff was super nice and used cool new tools that I had never seen a dentist use before. I loved being able to watch Netflix while my teeth were being cleaned too. Highly recommend. - Thomas
Done be fooled by the name “Optimum Dental.” This Dentist 🦷 office is AMAZING for the whole family including your small kiddos. Amy at the front desk is super sweet and every single person we met as well:).

I definitely highly recommend!
- Logan
I’m a new patient at Optimum Dental and very satisfied with my first visit. Wonderful staffs and Dr. Hoang is the best. This dental practice is highly recommended! - Vy
What a great practice! Dr. Hoang is highly skilled, and everyone in his team is both professional and friendly. They were very attentive to my needs and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. I had two fillings done, and they were the most painless procedures I have had. I am so excited there is finally a good dentist in Morrisville! - Jih-Peng
Thank so much for an awesome visit ! everyone is super friendly and made me feel comfortable . One of the best cleanings I ever had. Thanks Dr. Brian ! - Jennifer
It felt like going to the dentist in the future. Dr. Hoang has so much cool technology to show how your teeth are doing, what needs to change, and then treats you in a very relaxed setting. Very trustworthy, transparent, and gentle. I learned so much about my own teeth! If you generally are afraid of going to dentist, definitely recommend this place. - Amia